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[Mtools] Reading label from a large capacity memory card

From: Simon Large
Subject: [Mtools] Reading label from a large capacity memory card
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 18:02:10 -0000

Hi folks,

I am try to read the volume label from a memory card. 2 questions:

1. Using mlabel -s a: with a 4GB card I get the message:
"Big disks not supported on this architecture."

The card will mount OK using vfat (although it's not mounted when I run
mlabel), and it is readable. Is this error expected from mtools?

2. I only ever want to read the volume label. I don't need to write
anything to the card, or use any other mtools great features (sorry,
nothing against mtools). Is there an easy way to make a cut down app
which just does this? I am cross compiling for ARM and it has to go onto
a small flash device, so I need to get a minimal size app.



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