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[Mtools] Reading label from a large capacity memory card

From: Simon Large
Subject: [Mtools] Reading label from a large capacity memory card
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 17:41:14 -0000

Hi David,

Thanks for your reply and sorry for my lack of response. Stupid Exchange
Server throws all Bcc mail in the bin, so your mail never reached me.
Please could you Cc me in any replies.

The device is partitioned as far as I know. I can use ...

mount -t vfat /dev/mmvblk0p1 /mnt/sdcard

... and it mounts fine. I am using the same device node for mlabel to
work on.

minfo returns the information below. I don't believe the "NO NAME    "
in the bootsector. If I put the card in my XP system it comes up with a
label of "LS-DESIGN  " and format FAT32.

device information:
sectors per track: 63
heads: 255
cylinders: 487

mformat command line: mformat -t 487 -h 255 -s 63 -H 12 s:

bootsector information
sector size: 512 bytes
cluster size: 8 sectors
reserved (boot) sectors: 36
fats: 2
max available root directory slots: 0
small size: 0 sectors
media descriptor byte: 0xf8
sectors per fat: 0
sectors per track: 63
heads: 255
hidden sectors: 12
big size: 7823348 sectors
physical drive id: 0x0
serial number: C8B1643F
disk label="NO NAME    "
disk type="FAT32   "
Big fatlen=7626
Extended flags=0x0000
FS version=0x0000
infoSector location=1
backup boot sector=6

free clusters=534836
last allocated cluster=1793



--- original message ---
Sounds like it might be a FAT16 vs FAT32 issue.  I suppose mlabel should

figure out what is their by itself, but maybe it gets it wrong.  Is the 
file system on the entire device, or is there a partition table?


On Tue, 8 Jan 2008, Simon Large wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I am try to read the volume label from a memory card. 2 questions:
> 1. Using mlabel -s a: with a 4GB card I get the message:
> "Big disks not supported on this architecture."
> The card will mount OK using vfat (although it's not mounted when I
> mlabel), and it is readable. Is this error expected from mtools?
> 2. I only ever want to read the volume label. I don't need to write
> anything to the card, or use any other mtools great features (sorry,
> nothing against mtools). Is there an easy way to make a cut down app
> which just does this? I am cross compiling for ARM and it has to go
> a small flash device, so I need to get a minimal size app.
> Thanks,
> Simon

| David C Niemi  (Reston, VA, USA)  niemi at tuxers dot net |

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