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[Info-mtools] Bug: mformat -f ... broken since v4.0.20

From: Martin Rother
Subject: [Info-mtools] Bug: mformat -f ... broken since v4.0.20
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2018 04:31:35 +0100


I've stumbled over the fact that (starting with mtools v4.0.20) a command like:
mformat -i 2880.flp -C -f 2880
produces only a half-sized floppy image file. Please note that adding a drive 
letter (i.e. '::') does not change the outcome.

I guess previously the statement of 'size = size * 2;' in 
'old_dos_size_to_geom()' took care of the fact that the '-f' parameter uses 
kBytes, whilst the (default) sector size is 512 bytes.

I'm in no position to judge, whether the old statement got simply forgotten in 
the refactoring that took place, or whether there was any intention to take 
other aspects (maybe the '-M' parameter) into account. For now, as a 
work-around one could use something like '-s 36 -h 2 -t 80' to replace '-f 
2880', but fixing this bug might be rather straight forward.


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