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Re: Manual issue -- contravariance?

From: Michael Talbot-Wilson
Subject: Re: Manual issue -- contravariance?
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 19:50:13 +1030 (CST)

Ye 2000-12-11 15:21 +0100, Norbert Nemec skribis:

> On Sun, Dec 10, 2000 at 11:59:34PM +1030, Michael Talbot-Wilson wrote:
> > I don't understand the explanation of contravariant conformance on pp
> > 87-89 of the language manual, and I wonder whether the text is not
> > corrupt thereabouts, whether, e.g., some paragraphs of explanation
> > have become corroded and dropped off.
> > 
> > Why does the boxed "abstract class $SUPER is" declaration of page 87
> > get repeated identically on page 88?  Why is it represented that the
> > second copy is inferred from the first copy?
> There actually is an error in the text. The second ocurrance of the "abstract 
> class $SUPER is" box should be replaced by:
> ---
> class SUBCLASS < $SUPER is
>    foo(a1:$UPPER, out a2:$LOWER, inout a3:$MIDDLE):$LOWER is ... end;
> end;
> ---
> > Why does the line "Suppose we start ... capable of eating" not end
> > with a full stop?  I guess that the remainder of the sentence and some
> > further paragraphs are missing at that point.
> A colon would be the correct ending for the sentence. The explanation is not 
> really exhaustive, but is seems correct to me.
> I hope with this correction, the issue is cleared up. I will upload the 
> corrected pages to sometimes soon.

Thanks very much.  I should probably apologise for the tone of my
post.  V. pleased to receive the correction.

--Michael Talbot-Wilson

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