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Re: CVS ??!!??

From: Matthew Browne
Subject: Re: CVS ??!!??
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 18:30:14 +1200

At 9:03 AM +1200 26/3/2001, Keith Hopper wrote:
     In answer to Nobbi's amazement about my not using make - if someone
else has written it and nothing goes wrong than I am OK - otherwise I just
do fixes by hand - so much quicker than baffling oneself about some of the
most obscure sequences of characters that I have ever seen!

     I have no objection to a CVS approach - provided someone can point me
to a BOOK which might help me understand it.  I already see terms like data
base and diff in the messages.  The only thing I can ever do when someone
send me a diff file is to eyeball it with the two offending files to work
out what changes have to be made -and- far more important, WHY they have to
be made - and make them - much faster than using a bit of software you
don't trust and hoping like 'h**' that the other person knew what was going
on and had done the correct thing in the light of the design philosophy.

Just a small note about having a CVS server. I don't know where the
main server would be located but you may have some trouble setting
one up at Waikato as ITS has a firewall on the required ports. A few
people have tried to change that policy on occasions but without much

Also, I'm afraid I don't know of a book relating to CVS but you may
find some of the BSD documentation useful as they use CVS for their
kernel development.

Matthew Browne

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