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From: Keith Hopper
Subject: beta-8
Date: Tue, 01 May 2001 12:54:17 +1200
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     I have put beta-8 on our sather web site
( for anyone who wishes to use it.  All
works well under linux, but there are a couple of things which are odd -
not about the code- under Windows2000:-

     (1)  I can't seem to get the command ./configure cygwin to work.  The
     shell doesn't seem to like the configure script - so I have just had
     to manually enter the last (copy) line by hand replacing the arg by

     (2)  The makefile in the test directory will not compile programs - I
     -think- this is something to do with there being an undefined define
     for WIN32 - only applicable under Windows, of course.  If Nobbi (who
     wrote it) would like to try to fix it before moving onto the Gnu site
     I would be very grateful - TIA.

     The release page gives notes on changes - primarily

     a.   Fixes to input routines of the Represent sub-section.

     b.   Additional draft documentation - and fixes - in particular for
     the Code sub-section.

     c.   Unicode class is now fully conformant with version 3.0 of the

     d.   salccomp is ready for testing (here).

     Unless there are major bugs which need fixing I don't aim to send out
another version until I can get the concurrency stuff working properly -
although it has hardly changed from the 1.2 implementation there seems to
be weird problems with linux lwps and smp_at in general.  Help warmly

                Hasta la vista,


PS Just a couple of quick thoughts about some of the recent discussion -

     a.   The Sather language does NOT define a string as being
     'null-terminated' - this is purely an implementation matter which
     the astute programmer will need to forget all about - until external
     interfacing is needed.

     b.   The C programming language standard defines (void *) as being
     equivalent to any other pointer - hence the REFERENCE class
     implementation handles this - but does permit bit-pattern 'conversion'
     to a numeric value if needed for interfacing with external services.

City Desk
Waikato University
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