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Second call: New project leader needed for GNU Sather

From: Norbert Nemec
Subject: Second call: New project leader needed for GNU Sather
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 21:43:51 +0200
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Hi there,

last week, I posted this message, but I got extremely little reaction from it. 
I do not really know how to interpret this silence: maybe I misjudged the 
chances to find a volunteer, but I would at least have expected to find some 
interest in the question. IMO, the solution for this will have a great impact 
on the future development of Sather.

If there are any suggestions how to go on, please speak up now. Even if you do 
not feel up for the complete job as project leader but could imagine in doing 
part of it, please say so. Of course, if there is no public interest left in
the project, there is little prospect in trying to keep it alive. Anyway: 
Keith Hopper&Co. will probably continue on their quest anyway and I can only
hope that they will have the resources to keep going.

OK, now, here is my original posting. If you didn'r read it the first time, you 
should probably really take the time to do so now:


Hi there,

First a few words about Sather: As a object oriented language, Sather can best 
be compare to Eiffel - actually, early development was even started out as an 
improvement version of Eiffel before various fundamental design changes moved 
it away from there significantly. Of course there is no objective, absolute 
measure for the quality of a programming language, but Sather definitely is a 
fascinating language powerful enough to catch many of those who ever get 
involved with it...

After ~2 years of working for the GNU Sather project, I have finally decided, 
now, to officially lay down my job as GNU maintainer, due to my general lack of 
time, and, on top of it, Julia, the most wonderful, admirable girl on this 
stepping into my life.

Already, over the last year or so, I didn't spend nearly as much work on Sather 
as I would have liked to or as it would have been necessary to keep the project 
in shape. Sorry to all those I might have turned down or who had to fight their 
way through the outdated GNU Sather site.

Right now, most development is done by a group at the University of Waikato, 
New Zealand, led by Keith Hopper. Those guys have been very active over the 
past years, designing and writing a completely new library which is now nearly
stable, and they intend to continue their work, eager to start out on a 
completely new, extensible, high-performace compiler for the language.

Now, that the new library is near to be finished, the project would finally be 
ready to take on contributions of all kinds. (Additional library modules, help
in designing the new compiler, etc.) Anyhow, Keith&Co do have neither the 
resources nor the experience to lead an open-source project or to coordinate 
the work among a larger number of developers. Therefore, I'm officially asking 
for any volunteers as leader for this GNU project.

This whole task is less about actual development work, but more about PR-stuff 
and coordination of work. The site is basically set up, although very outdated, 
everything else would need to be set up now. GNU will provide all the resources 
necessary for open development (version-management, mailing-lists, 
etc.) - of course, once all of that is set up there is any amount of coding and
design work to do as well...

The project is extremely promising, a number of developers is already standing 
by to step in as soon as their contributions are welcome. After my experience 
over the last two years, the attraction of the language itself is big enough to 
gather many more developers within a short time with just a little bit of PR.

Anyone interested in the project itself, take a look at:
(As I said, it is a little outdated, but still a good start.)

Public discussion takes place at the newsgroup 'comp.lang.sather'. There is a 
mailing list set up: <address@hidden> as well. A one-way message link is 
set up feeding all mails to the newgroup. Unfortunately, the other way never 
worked for a long time before it broke down again... Important messages should 
therefore be sent to the list in order to reach everybody.

For further questions, you can, of course, also contact me directly.



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