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sather port to win32

From: Kim Kaiser
Subject: sather port to win32
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 22:22:25 -0600

I have downloaded Sather 1.2.1 from - looks very
interesting.  I have been trying to port it to Mingw32 platform.

1. Many links on that page are broken - can anything be done?

2. I have successfully fixed many makefile and source lines to get a .exe
from the boot dir.  But now I have run into a problem with the compiled C
code for a simple hello-world sather program (!?), and face the daunting
prospect of debugging the compiler internals.  That task might be easier if
the sather compiler were written in C or C++, on which GDB would be directly
usable.  Then I could debug the code directly, add printfs, etc.  As it is,
I do not wish to run GDB on the C code that implements the boot compiler,
and I cannot reliably modify the sather code that implements the compiler to
do debugging, because I cannot then follow that up with a compile, because
the compiler itself can't handle the hello-world program.  I have many hours
invested, though, and would dearly love to get this system working.  Do you
have any suggestions?

Kim Kaiser

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