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Your woman will be surprised with your LARGE penis

From: Melody Barnett
Subject: Your woman will be surprised with your LARGE penis
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 12:18:10 -0800

Not satisfied with your sex life? 
Do you feel incapable of reaching or maintaining a satisfactory sexual 
performance? You are not alone.

In the United States alone, there are 30 million men suffering from the same 
Many refuse to take action or are simply in denial. What they dont realize is 
that this is a serious disorder. 

Start treating it seriously. Natural Rapid Growth can help.

(Irish Blessing)    There is a difference between knowing the path and walking 
the path! (Morpheous)    Someone who thinks logically is a nice contrast to the 
real world.  
 Stupidity is NOT a handicap! PARK ELSEWHERE!    There are no passengers on 
spaceship Earth- we are all the crew.    Quoting one is plagiarism. 
 A five year old boy was sitting down to eat when his mother asked him to pray 
for his meal.  2000 A.D. - That antibiotic is artificial. Here, eat this root.  
 "Oh, nobody's blaming you, Mom. You did all you could."  

nah man

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