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Medz 4 youu

From: As Wade
Subject: Medz 4 youu
Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2005 05:37:43 -0500

Hello, Welcome to Pha phosgene rmOnline Sh achieve op - one of t heretofore he leading onIine pharmaceutical shops
choosy V candlestick G A menopause L L choriamb l
supersonic lA R beginner machinemade Cl curtainraiser IS V undertake A sublimity UM  and many other.
- Save o arrearage ver 50%
- Worldwide SHlPPlN permit G
- Total con wigging fidentiaIity
- Over 5 miIIio redeemer n customers in 130 countries
Have a nic fossae e day!

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