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Re: Is there a CGI module kicking around?

From: Michael Talbot-Wilson
Subject: Re: Is there a CGI module kicking around?
Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2012 11:10:47 +0930 (CST)

On Fri, 30 Mar 2012, Duke Normandin wrote:

> On 30/03/2012 1:20 AM, Michael Talbot-Wilson wrote:
> > ...
> > Yes!  David W. Simons wrote something called pgsaql, an interface to
> > PostgreSQL.  Years ago.  I've been using it ever since.  There are
> > recently-added libpg query and other functions not included.  It makes
> > a connection and does PQexec(), whose argument is an SQL query string,
> > but (from memory) not PQexecParams() which takes typed arguments.

> Well that's a plus! Is that Sather's default "hook" into the nether world of
> databases, or is there another more "native" approach?

No. Or I don't exactly understand. Just now I don't have that stuff at
my fingertips.  But one point is that currently Sather only compiles
to an executable, not to a binary object file (although it links with
separately-compiled .o files), so you can't link Sather code when
compiling pgsql.  And you can't have Postgres loadable modules written
in Sather.  (Is that what you originally asked?)  On the other hand,
Sather supports callbacks from C code, if it's a stand-alone Sather
program.  Whether it's potentially possible to write a Postgres
trigger in Sather I don't know.  Probably not.  I use PL/Tcl.

> > Dunno.  He offered it as new classes for the GNU Sather library but

> What you refer to as "the GNU Sather library" is what I meant by "a
> repository". Is this library available "online", or is it simply a
> part of the Sather language package?

I only meant the directory tree "Library" in the compiler package.

Michael Talbot-Wilson

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