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[Info-xnee] Re: xnee and synchronisation

From: Serg Belokamen
Subject: [Info-xnee] Re: xnee and synchronisation
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2005 16:05:13 +1100
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Aim is to run (replay Xnee session) on an arbitry GUI based application runnning on a remote X server and compare returned results with correct once.

For example; we have some GUI MySQL monitoring software (actual software is irrelevant) that we can enter SQL into and returned transaction statistics such as exec. times/server load/etc.

Assuming I have initial Xnee session with everything I need. Now, I want to be able to check for availablity of that MySQL app. So can Xnee access it or not... For example, if it was moved from previous directory or removed all together.

Also, to have the ability to check the returned data and compare that to first "correct" Xnee session and abort of the screens are different (for example different values in text fields or labels).

So that that, I have tried using ranges. Infact I attempted to use complete range, and few selected once... No luck. Also tried using thresholds but that didn't do much either.

Problem is not that I dont know what ranges to use (I dont, but...) but rather that I dont understand how to synchronise or how it works simply because all of the documentation is quiet outdated.


Henrik Sandklef wrote:


thanks for your report.
... please use bug-xnee list instead (see CC).

(I crosspost to info-xnee to show we are switching to bug-xnee)

On Wed, 2005-11-02 at 16:50 +1100, Serg Belokamen wrote:
I am having an issue synchronising Xnee.

Assume I have a recorded a session:

ping -n 5 HOST
ls -al
Is there a way to monitor those events. For example, take an alternative course of action if instead of expected "data input" we get an error dialog or anything else that is not expected.

There are two questions here, isn't it?

1) Is there a way to monitor/record this?
Yes, there is. I am not sure which requests you have to record but you
can find out yourself. Easiest way is probably in xterm nr 1: sleep 5 ; ls -l
in xterm nr 2): cnee --record --request-range <tour range goes here>

until you find something useful to use to sync with. It would be great
if you could send us the names of the requests you will use.

2) Take an alternative path?
Xnee can (today) take no alt. path. DOes that answer your question?
Can you explain a bit more what it is you'd like to do.


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