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[Info-xnee] GNU Xnee 3.10 ('Heron') released

From: Henrik Sandklef
Subject: [Info-xnee] GNU Xnee 3.10 ('Heron') released
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2011 16:05:55 +0200
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We are pleased to announce the availability of GNU Xnee 3.10

GNU Xnee is a suite of programs that can record, replay and distribute
user actions under the X11 environment. Think of it as a robot that can
imitate the job you just did. GNU Xnee can be used to:
    Automate tests
    Demonstrate programs
    Distribute actions
    Record and replay 'macro'
    Retype the content of a file

Getting the Software

or one of the mirror sites as found in:


        193feae64496d8c83ba32ce3994123da  xnee-3.10.tar.gz

        2336257076 1783909 xnee-3.10.tar.gz

New in this release

   The timing algorithm for replay synchronisation has been
   rewritten. This should improve the timing accuracy for application
   such as drawing programs where the time spent in one position is
   affecting the thickness of a dot being painted.

   * Fixed bugs:

        #33237, Xnee fails to record on RedHat
        #33667, Seg fault (on Ubuntu 11.04)
        #32385: CNEE replay precision
        #32767: Button key to stop recoring
        #32762: no sync option faulty

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