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Re: [Jailkit-users] Cannot find file '/usr/sbin/jk_chrootsh' when using

From: nissehud
Subject: Re: [Jailkit-users] Cannot find file '/usr/sbin/jk_chrootsh' when using ssh
Date: Tue, 04 Jul 2006 10:35:05 +0100
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Hoi Olivier,

Prettig met u kennis te maken! Dank u for the reply.. :o)

I'm using jailkit 2.0.  All binaries are in /usr/sbin.

/etc/passwd contains the correct path, i.e. /usr/sbin/jk_chrootsh

<jail>/dev contains 'tty' 'log=' 'urandom'

su - takes me straight into the jail. No problem.  As does,
su <jailuser>  All then looks and works aok.

ssh'ing in from an external ( or local ) machine gives the following

        ssh address@hidden
        address@hidden's password:
        Last login: Mon Jul 3 23:12:22 2006 from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
        /usr/sbin/jk_chrootsh: no such file or directory
        Connection to example.com closed.

Checking /var/log/auth/* shows username and password are accepted,
but that the new entry /dev/pts/x fails to be created.

Maybe something being copied that should'nt be when I issue the command,
jk_init -v /<jail>  ssh ??

I've been trying figure out the differences between the two installs.
The one behaving itself is on a self-compiled distro based on Crux,
2.6.xx kernel.

The one not, is on a 2.2 version of Trustix, 2.4.xx

The one behaving itself used jailkit 2.0 from scratch.

The one not had an earlier version of jailkit on it, which as far
as I aware was completely removed. Might some references to it
have been retained somewhere?

Otherwise, the software versions on both are identical.


.Olivier Sessink wrote:
nissehud wrote:


Scenario is..

The same user jail created on two separate systems, using exactly the same procedure (TTBOMK). One works, perfectly, the other one ..

1. Seems to require '/sbin/jk_chrootsh' to be in the jail. If it isn't
   there, then it gives the above error and then closes the connection.

old versions of Jailkit used /sbin/jk_chrootsh, currently the binaries are in /usr/sbin

just check where your binaries are, and check /etc/passwd for the correct path

2. If it is there, no error ensues, but the connection is closed anyway.
   User login and password are accepted, but auth log gives the

    error: /dev/pts/1: No such file or directory.

possibly /dev/tty is missing, which devices are in <jail>/dev/ ?

3. I can su into the jail without a problem.  This occurs when using
   ssh only.

and 'su -' ?


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