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[Jailkit-users] Some problems with home directories and users with same

From: Daniel Rossi
Subject: [Jailkit-users] Some problems with home directories and users with same user id
Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2008 13:11:11 +1000

Hi there, I am currently implementing jailkit support into the ISPConfig software. I've run into issues trying to get a chrooted user to login to their own home directory. With the new version of the server, a 'parent' web user ie web1 is created with a group called client0 etc. When adding shell users to this account / site , the shell user gets the same user id and group id as the parent web user for permissions etc. The parent web user does not get a shell login, it gets sent to /bin/false.

The issue I am having is logback sees the logged in user as the parent user web1 so is trying to login to it's home directory not the logged in users directory. The other issue I had is i also have to chroot the home of web1 so both users have to be chrooted ie /path/to/site/./home/ web1 and /path/to/site/./home/testuser. Ive also had to add flags into the ini config to disable user and group checks or else it wont login the user because its trying to impersonate web1 not the logged in user.

The other issue i found is if i add another user to the chroot say testuser2 , at the bash prompt it thinks testuser2 is testuser1.

Any ideas how to correct this ?

I would also like to look into customising bash prompts and welcome login messages assuming the home directory thing is fixed. Is there some helper script to do that for you.

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