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Re: [Ring] Lost device = Lost account?

From: Bruno Pagani
Subject: Re: [Ring] Lost device = Lost account?
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2017 01:43:58 +0100


Le 01/01/2017 à 00:33, AHIB a écrit :
> Android user here. I registered an account on the network and tested a couple 
> of calls with Ring, but after a while it would crash upon opening despite a 
> restart so I uninstalled it. Upon reinstalling I tried to register the same 
> nick using the same password but it keeps saying username already taken and 
> asks for some PIN(?). Does that essentially mean if one was to uninstall Ring 
> or lose his device or ROM that his account is permanently lost? Because it'd 
> be crazy if that happens after a year of using the app with dozens of 
> contacts suddenly lost.

Unless you have a backup or have configured your account on another
device, yes, you’ve lost it. Ring is a totally decentralized system,
which means they are no server holding your account data, those are on
your device(s). The PIN thing is here for that: allow you to copy your
account on a different device, which is one great thing the SFL team did
to solve (at least) two challenges at once, namely being able to use
your account on different device and allow an easy backup of it (if you
switch phones, just have to copy your account from your desktop or even
previous phone if still at hand using the built-in feature).

The nickname part rely on a blockchain, once an user register a nickname
no one else can register it again, and it can’t be unregistered either
AFAIU. So, if the account that was linked to this username is lost, the
username is too.

High levels of privacy, security and resilience have costs, and this is
one of them. And outside of those considerations, backups are always a
good idea. ;)


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