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[Ring] Ring 2 loses contacts after close/reopen (SIP)

From: Bruno Jesus
Subject: [Ring] Ring 2 loses contacts after close/reopen (SIP)
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2017 13:30:47 -0300

Hi all, I'm trying to use Ring 2 (beta) as a SIP client and after
adding contact numbers and naming them eveything seems ok. But if I
close and reopen the program all contact names are lost, only the
number remains in the contact list.

The exact action I'm doing:
1) type the person number (eg 300) in the search contact box and press enter;
2) Right-click 300 in the contact list and select add contact, new
contact, fill person name (eg Foobar);
3) Now there are 2 entries in the list: 300 and Foobar;
4) Close ring and reopen;
5) Only 300 remains in the list, Foobar is gone.

Am I doing something wrong? Is that expected?

Best wishes,

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