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Re: [Ring] GSoC Houmin

From: Houmin
Subject: Re: [Ring] GSoC Houmin
Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2017 23:06:57 +0800

**************** Report of week4 **********************

This week I reworte the ring iot project to make it independent of ring daemon.

During this time, I get stuck in the compile problem. When I tried to compile my project with the static library libring.a on GNU/Linux,  running 'Make' results in lots of undefined reference. Even after I add all the dependencies of ring daemon, it still cannot work.

However, I successfully compiled the ring daemon to get dynamic library on OS X 10.11.6.  With the dynamic library, I also modify my project to be a independent one. It is here (https://github.com/SimpCosm/ring-client-iot

At the same time, the project can use one hardcoded Ring account for debugging, which is much helpful.

Plan for Week5:

- decide on the protocol/format of the messages and build a command line interface to send command

The project can only send hardcoded message now. I will try to add a command line interface to send command. 

Houmin Wei  ( 魏后民 )
Undergraduate,School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science
Peking University, Beijing, 100871.

Mobile:+86 132 6997 9570

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

2017-06-25 0:28 GMT+08:00 Houmin <address@hidden>:
************ Report of Week3 **********************
This week, I finished the skeleton code for *ring-client-iot*. 

I am doing my work under ring-daemon/bin directory now. Like dbus client and rest client, I create my own iot directoy for my iot client. To make it compile ok, I also modify the configure.ac under ring-daemon directory. At the same time, I modify the Makefile.am and main.cpp to compile my own iot client.

After all this compile stuff setting done, with 
./configure --with-iot
We can get our ring client iot under ring-daemon/bin/ directory now.

Up to now, the iot client can register a Ring Account, it can also receive and send Ring text messages. Actually, we just do some wrapper of the dring API, like *configurationmanager*, *callmanager*,*presencemanager*,*videomanager*. This is what we do in dbus/rest client. Then I create a main loop for the iot client. In the loop, we will poll events, for which part I just handle the receiving a message by installed a incomingAccountMessage handler. We will also send our message to the destination, even though the message and destination are all hardcoded.

This just contains my work part, not all the ring daemon code. By the way, the ring daemon is based on Ring beta2. 

Plan for week4:
- change Makefile to realize the compilation of ring client iot independent with the ring daemon. Since the ring daemon src code can provide us with a *libring.a* static library, maybe we just need the libring.a locally and write a Makefile. I am wondering if the automake tools are still needed.

- reconsidering the account register process of Ring. I once tried to import Ring Account that we have created using gnome-ring using the .local/share/ring/b67a55fbac7b06a0/export.gz by the *importAccounts* API, but it failed. Then I use the *addAccount* API to create a new Ring Account. It worked, but the code is ugly, you can see it here(https://github.com/SimpCosm/ring-client-iot/blob/master/iot/iotclient.cpp). And everytime I start the iot client process, I have to create a new Ring Account. This can be bothering, and I have to deal with it. To do this, I need to have a deep understanding about the Ring account stuff.

Houmin Wei  ( 魏后民 )
Undergraduate,School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science
Peking University, Beijing, 100871.

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