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Re: [Ring] Ring 1.0 coming soon, username blockchain reset

From: Adrien Béraud
Subject: Re: [Ring] Ring 1.0 coming soon, username blockchain reset
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2017 15:15:51 -0400 (EDT)

Yes, unfortunately every registered usernames are lost.
This means that all previously registered usernames are now available to be registered again.

However contacts are not internally identified by usernames but using public keys, the registered name is used for human display purposes only.
This means that contacts don't need to be re-added again.
When the local name cache is cleared, contacts are presented using their public key fingerprint, or their new username when they register one.

Sorry for the inconvenience, as mentioned this was caused by data loss on the only running blockchain node.
We work to make sure this won't happen again. When many blockchain nodes will be ran by the community it won't even be possible for us or anyone to reset the name directory.

Adrien Béraud
Ring project director,
Savoir-faire Linux

De: "bill-auger" <bill-auger@peers.community>
À: address@hidden
Envoyé: Mercredi 19 Juillet 2017 15:05:14
Objet: Re: [Ring] Ring 1.0 coming soon, username blockchain reset

On Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 06:56:48PM -0400, Adrien Béraud wrote:
> however blockchain usernames registered before 2017-07-15 are lost.

could someone please clarify these points regarding the invalidated nicknames:

* to be clear, 2017-07-15 was only a few days ago so this means that more than 99% of ALL ring nicknames are invalid and most every ring user must register a new nickname

* are peers who have the now invalid nickname on their contacts list still able to contact the user with that deleted nickname by using the reference on their contact list? - i ask this because IIRC these references can not be deleted - or is it the case that anyone having the deleted nickname as a contact must re-add the new nickname (even if it is identical to the deleted one)

* if it is the case that your username (e.g. 'fred42') was among the affected then will the new system allow re-registering that identical nickname (e.g. 'fred42') ? or is it not possible for i nor anyone else to be 'fred42' now ?

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