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[Ring] Ring ID in Mozilla Thunderbird CardBook add-on?

From: Óvári
Subject: [Ring] Ring ID in Mozilla Thunderbird CardBook add-on?
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2017 20:08:08 +1000
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1/ Not sure what protocol Ring uses. Have written a Ring bug report:


Unfortunately no reply yet from the Ring team...

2/ Have not been able to get it to work on Linux Mint. Tried using protocol as 'sip' and 'ring' (shown below), but "Launch Application" window displays:

3/ Please Reply to All

Thank you

On 25/07/17 00:08, CardBook wrote:

yes why not : what is the protocol to use ? is it working on your PC if you add it manually ?

On 7/22/17 10:42 PM, Óvári wrote:
Is there a way to include Ring IDs by default in the Mozilla Thunderbird CardBook add-on (available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc) so that all contact information is in one place?


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