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Re: [Ring] Kontacts?

From: Anthony Léonard
Subject: Re: [Ring] Kontacts?
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2017 10:37:44 -0400

Hi !

> On Linux is it intended that I can´t add a Contact to my Contacts but
> if I kill Ring and start it again the Contact is added to my
> Contacts?

When you say "add a Contact to my Contacts", what the second "Contacts"
refers to ? Are you talking about the Contact panel in Ring or some
contact application on your system ?

In the first case, and if you can reproduce this bug, a more detailed
bug report can be posted on our bugtracker at https://tuleap.ring.cx
Especially don't forget to explain how the contact is added in your
conversation list first (by receiving a call or a message from him/you
entered its ID in the search bar/etc.)

For the Contact list on your system, integration work has been started 
but was postponed for after the current release as we were having some
issues with this system. You can expect it to be coming soon.

In any case, this behaviour is not expected so I hope we can find the
origin of the bug and fix it soon.

> On Android Is it possible to display the Full Names such as they
> appear in the System Contacts?

This will be part of the work to integrate better with system address
books on each platform. On our short-term road-map ;).

> The best it would be I could right Click on the Contact and add him
> to my Contacts.
> And in My Contacts Right Click on the Contact and Edit Data.

Editing contact information is not planned at the moment but we will
certainly discuss it very soon in the team (next week probably).

> Thanks,

Thanks for your feedback !

Anthony L.

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