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Re: [Ring] GSoC Olivier Grégoire (Gasuleg)

From: Gregoire Olivier
Subject: Re: [Ring] GSoC Olivier Grégoire (Gasuleg)
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2017 18:07:19 +0200

During the two last weeks, I began by healing. Now I'm in perfect health and I can do a better work. 

I created a lot of unit tests. It was not an easy task because there is not a lot of comments on the code, and it can be difficult to understand what is the goal of each class/method. Also, my main language is not the C++ so I had some small issues with details.

Next week, I will implement Gcov. The goal is to know the test coverage of each part of the code. After that, I will create other unit tests.

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