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[Ring] Unable to link another device to my account

From: ertuqueque
Subject: [Ring] Unable to link another device to my account
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2017 13:32:19 -0400

Hello, I've been sort of testing Ring since about 6 months already... And over this whole time I haven't been able to accomplish one of the most important tasks for my purposes with Ring, multiple devices.

I've tried countless times the process:

On my computer (Linux Manjaro) I go to Settings > Accounts, click on my account on the left, click on "Devices", click on "Add device", enter my password and I get the PIN code.

On my phone (Blu Advance 5.5 HD), I go to my left sidebar, tap on "Manage accounts", tap on the plus (+) sign, tap on "Link this device to an account", it shows me the "Create your profile" screen, I just put the same name of my PC profile and tap on "Next", on the next window, I enter my password, enter the PIN I received on my PC and hit the "Link this device to an account", after about 10 seconds, it says:
"Can't find account. Account couldn't be found on the Ring network. Make sure it was exported on Ring from an existing device, and that provided credentials are correct."

I've tried the other way around, I created a new, different account on my phone, tap on "Manage accounts" as before, tap on my account, tap on "Link another device to this account" button at the bottom, enter my password and I get my PIN... Now, in my PC, I go to Settings > Accounts, click on the plus (+) button to add a "new" account, click on the "Link this device to an account" button and then on "Okay, I have the PIN!", I enter the PIN from the phone, enter the password and after ~10 seconds, I get the "Error creating/loading account." message.

I've tried this countless times over the last 6 months or so, I've entered the PIN codes in all capital characters, all lowercase, nothing works.

I can communicate from my computer's account to my phone's account back and forth, but I can't have the same account working on both devices (the whole purpose of this post, of course!).

That's the only feature I need to finally use and recommend Ring to my friends and start ditching Skype!

Anyway, good work so far!

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