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[Ring] New dhtnode package and Ring 1.0 in Debian backports

From: Alexandre Viau
Subject: [Ring] New dhtnode package and Ring 1.0 in Debian backports
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2017 17:50:42 -0400
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Debian 9 (Stretch) users may now install Ring 1.0 and OpenDHT from
offical Debian backports repositories.

For instructions on enabling the backports repositories on your system,
please refer to this page:
 - https://backports.debian.org/Instructions

Once stretch-backports have been enabled, you may run the following
 - apt-get update

To install ring:
 - apt-get install ring

To install the OpenDHT node:
 - ap-get install dhtnode

OpenDHT and dhtnode

This release of the OpenDHT Debian package makes changes to the
"dhtnode" binary package which is now shipped with a systemd service.

This makes it easier than ever to contribute to Ring's distributed
network. Installing the "dhtnode" package is all that is needed to host
a fully operational node, which will automatically contribute to the
OpenDHT network.

Bootstrap servers

Bootstrap servers are used as the point of entry for Ring nodes to join
the network. They are no different than any other node except for the
fact that they are always online and available at a given address. The
first time you launch Ring, it will connect to one of the preconfigured
bootstrap nodes.

For now, the only bootstrap node that is preconfigured with Ring is
bootstrap.ring.cx. This service is maintained by Savoir-faire Linux.

If you launched Ring for the first time and bootstrap.ring.cx was down,
you would not be able to join the network.

While the first step for contributing to Ring's network would be to run
a dhtnode instance, members of the community could also host
always-online and stable dhtnode instances that we would eventually
consider to preconfigure in Ring as bootstrap nodes. This would help to
further decentralize Ring and minimize the risks of network
unavailability. If you are interested in hosting a bootstrap node,
please contact me.


Alexandre Viau
Savoir-faire Linux
Free Software Consultant
Co-Maintainer of GNU Ring

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