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Re: [Ring] updating Ring, can't log in

From: Anthony Léonard
Subject: Re: [Ring] updating Ring, can't log in
Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2017 13:11:53 -0400


> I installed the Ring package on Debian quite some time ago in 2016.
> This week I took the latest package from unstable, compiled it on a
> system running stretch and installed it.  Version
> 20170720.2.5bf0a65~dfsg1-1
> When I start it, I see a window that says "Account migration
> required"

That's because Ring has changed a lot between 2016 and today,
especially in October/November of last year. It needs to decipher your
private key archive to make updates to it.

> I don't remember setting any password but it won't let me proceed
> without typing a password.

Something is weird as in the old version, a password wasn't mandatory
so it should have asked you to create one but not entering a
preexisting. There's probably a true problem here that we should

> Also, I don't have any friends added to that Ring account, it was
> just a
> test - I would like to remove that account on the Debian system and
> make
> it use the RingID currently working on my Android device.

To delete your account and any other Ring configuration, you can delete
those folders (with Ring not being running):
  - ~/.config/ring
  - ~/.local/share/ring
  - ~/.local/share/gnome-ring (may not exist)
  - ~/.cache/ring
  - ~/.cache/gnome-ring (may not exist)

On the next start, it will behave like a new fresh install.

> On the Android device, I have Ring from F-Droid, version 20170215

This version should be ok. You can download a more recent one on Google
Play if necessary. The F-Droid version is not as much up-to-date due to
problems on F-Droid side (but I'm not the most knowledgeable about
what's happening exactly with them).

Best regards.

Anthony L.

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