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[Ring] Android Not Sending Anymore

From: Nathan Royce
Subject: [Ring] Android Not Sending Anymore
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2017 07:33:41 -0500

To go along with sketchy/random messages just not sending from any of
my devices, my android hasn't sent anything for

Also, I can't seem to get a contact to be blocked. In Home or in a
Conversation, I've tried blocking and/or deleting a conversation, and
sometimes the contact will disappear but the contact listed in the
android system's contacts will reappear and vice versa. It's really
When I opened my gnome peer, all the messages in the queue sent to
android even though I "tried" to block the contact.

Can't seem to block in gnome. Ring is very unusable. I would not have
my friends/family use it in it's current state.

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