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[Ring] Access to an account

From: Nickylodeon
Subject: [Ring] Access to an account
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 2017 13:26:48 -0400

I created my first Ring account on my android device. I wouldn't do that, if I had an opportunity to install it on my computer. I used to use Trisquel Belenos.. It was pretty hard to get things working on distro which is based on Ubuntu 7, so I decided to move to Trisquel 8(for some more reasons too). I uninstalled  Ring from my android device and I can't get an access to an account which I created on my phone. Everything I have is mail which is linked to my account and password from this account. Therefore, I can't use PIN to connect my computer to it. Is it possible to request a removal of this account or somehow get an access to it? Now I created  new account with new public *name.

*This is sad.
Thanks :)

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