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[Ring] Need some help with setting up a Ring account

From: inderaue23
Subject: [Ring] Need some help with setting up a Ring account
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2017 10:59:22 +0200 (CEST)

hej there, first congrats for your 1.0 release!
hope you can help me with questions to finally set up Ring!

1. In the setup up (on GNOME Client) i see "Register public username

--> I can check and uncheck that. What happens if i choose not to register it?
And what makes this registration still "experimental"?

2. Does it make sense to register an anonymous "username" for the public
directory and use my real name & foto as my "display name" to enhence privacy?

and related to that:

3. Do i get things right that there is no plausible deniability possible with
Ring right now?

4. How will you enhance Ring's security/privacy in the future?

And p.s. Gerrit, Tuleap, GitHub. That's pretty hard to follow right now ;) Why
do you use so many different plattforms instead of one? I know that e.g. GitHub
works as a mirror. But why do need that?

cheers and thanks!

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