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[Ring] Synchronizatino of chat logs to third-party drives by in-app json

From: sunnyolives
Subject: [Ring] Synchronizatino of chat logs to third-party drives by in-app json timebased sync
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2017 12:27:28 +0200
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Hi there! Thanks for your work! I would like to start using ring, but before I can recommend it to others, I need synchronization between devices. I am not a software developer, so my assumptions might be wrong, but here is what I think:

On Windows, I found the chat logs unencrypted in json-format. I was wondering if synchronization could be done outside of the app it self, letting people hook up whatever service they wish with whatever privacy/cost terms they desire; Dropbox, Google, OwnCloud, Resilio Sync or Syncthing, for instance. This would require access to the chat logs folder on the mobile. I could not find them unrooted (android).

The problem is how to synchronize changes in two (or more) chat logs so they end up the same. The sync services mentioned above often seem to simply overwrite with whatever is most recently changed. Therefore I suggest to create an in-software sync function possibly based on message timestamps, but connecting to defined third-party software or drives, saving the bandwidth of the messaging system for messages, not synchronization and backup.


* to be able to set the location of chat logs (all clients) and access them with other software (android)

*  synchronization function inside the software, but outside the messaging system.

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