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[Ring] Changes since V1.0

From: Guillaume Roguez
Subject: [Ring] Changes since V1.0
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2017 17:48:13 -0400 (EDT)

* Changes to Ring since the release of the 1.0 version:

** GNU/Linux Client

1. Fixes:
   - Fix: Add contacts to the correct models.
   - Fix smart infos display during a call.
   - Fix a crash when ContactMethod is null.

2. Improvements:
   - Improved display of avatars (circle and color pallet, common to all 
desktop clients).
   - Improved display of contact requests.
   - Improved display of messages reception date.
   - YouTube videos and images can now be displayed into the conversation 
   - Displayed messages are now grouped by reception date.

3. Other changes:
   - Remove the category label for a contact in the call view.
   - Remove the ability to drag-and-drop an object in the chat view.
   - Add a setting to enable/disable the preview of images and videos in the 
conversation window.

** MacOS client

   - Removal of the add contact pannel which allowed to change your name and 
add it to Contacts.
   - Remove the "Add to Contact" popover. It is now a single click action.
   - Adding a default avatar (a white lettre inside a coloured circle).
   - Minor cosmetic changes (commit 053283b2 & 22f71275).
   - Many automatic translations updates.

** UWP client

1. Fixes:
   - SIP call audio fixed.
   - Name registration fixed.

2. Improvements:
   - SIP account creation and contact management improved.
   - UI improvements during video calls.

** Windows ClientUWP client

1. Fixes:
   - Missing DLL (needs reinstallation of Ring from the website).
   - SIP UI correction and behavior fix (no messaging outside calls),
   - Various bug fixes:
     - Closing first wizard without creating account doesn't crash the app 
     - Clicking on old formated contacts wont crash the app.

2. Improvements:
   - General UI improvement:
     - contextual menu of contact list fixed.
     - multiple size and ratio adjustments.
   - Code cleaning and refactorisation.

** Core (daemon)

1. Additions
   - Tests
     - A GSoC 2017 contribution by Olivier Gregoire
       - Accessible by command /make check/
       - see test/ directory for details
       - Functional tests : SIP
       - Unit tests: various simple classes for now

   - RingAccount
     - archive can now be saved in plain text (not encrypted) without password.
       In this case the archive is just a plain json file compressed with gzip.

2. fixes
   - Android: restbed crash
   - DHT:
     - prevent DHT connection on disabled account
     - avoid flipping DHT connection status
   - tweak vp8 parameters for better live performances
   - fix RingAccount certificate check code to be compliant with gnutls >= 

3. build/code
   - various refactoring for code cleanup/maintainance
   - various build fixes on dedicated platforms
   - build log less verbose (almost for boost)
   - i18n continus updates

4. Contribs (Bumps/Downgrades/Add/Remove)
   - opendht (latest)
   - restbed/asio 4.6
   - x264 (latest)
   - vpx 1.6.1
   - ffmpeg 3.3.3g
   - Boost 1.64
   - (UWP) downgrade gnutls 3.4.17
   - (UWP) downgrade pjproject 2.5.5
   - libav removed (ffmpeg is now used everywhere)

Sincerly yours,
The Ring Team

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