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Re: [Ring] "How to add a device" is large font

From: Mikkel Kirkgaard Nielsen
Subject: Re: [Ring] "How to add a device" is large font
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2017 22:53:24 +0200
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Halløjsa Scootergris.

On 2017-10-04 19:44, scootergrisen wrote:
>>> The string "How to add a device" appears rather large in the window.
>>> So i suggest making the font smaller.
>> Please tell us the system you're running GNU Ring. For example: Is it
>> Android, GNU/Linux, or other?
> Windows 7.
> Everything just seem unnessary big.

Do you mean that the GUI of the Windows Ring application in general
feels too big? (using only the Gnome and Android clients myself)

On the screenshot it appears to be only the top label being too large
for the translated text

Looking at the source code the text size of this label is initialized in
wizarddialog.ui to 30 point and the code doesn't seem to change it
according to the actual length.

$ sed -n 196,206p ring-client-windows/wizarddialog.ui
         <property name="font">
         <property name="styleSheet">
          <string notr="true">color: rgb(63, 63, 63)</string>
         <property name="text">
          <string>How to add a device</string>

Inspecting translations of this label in general, 11 of 16 languages
must have the same problem as they are all longer than the English
string of 19 characters.

$ for l in ring-client-windows/translations/*; do grep "How to add a
device" $l -A1|tail -1| grep -v unfinished; done
        <translation>Jak přidat zařízení</translation>
        <translation>Hvordan man tilføjer en enhed</translation>
        <translation>Wie kann ich ein neues Gerät hinzufügen</translation>
        <translation>Cómo agregar un dispositivo</translation>
        <translation>Comment ajouter un appareil</translation>
        <translation>장치를 추가하는 법</translation>
        <translation>Kaip pridėti įrenginį</translation>
        <translation>Hvordan legge til en enhet</translation>
        <translation>Hoe voeg ik een apparaat toe</translation>
        <translation>Como adicionar um dispositivo</translation>
        <translation>Как добавить устройство</translation>
        <translation>Kako dodati napravo</translation>
        <translation>Hur man lägger till en enhet</translation>
        <translation>Bir aygıt nasıl eklenir</translation>

The most viable fix would be to scale text size according to length and
available space of label. Probably the Windows/Qt developers know how to
do that in a clever way.

For now I have changed the Danish translation to "Sådan tilføjes en
enhed" to make it fit. I've also added a comment for the string on
Transifex for other translators to be aware of the limited space available.


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