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Re: [Ring] MacOS Client Account

From: Anthony Léonard
Subject: Re: [Ring] MacOS Client Account
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2017 14:13:44 -0500

Hi Matthew,

> I installed Ring for the first time in September on MacOS 10.12. All
> went well and I was able to establish an account. After the next
> update became available I could no longer access my account. Since
> the update (and subsequent) updates were installed when Ring
> launches, I get a dialog box to “Create a Ring account” or “Link this
> device to an account.”  Since I created a custom username when I
> originally signed up, I would prefer not to create a new account.

I don't understand how that could have happened.

> How can I get my previous account working with the latest
> installation?
> the ~/Library/Application Support/Ring folder is intact and appears
> to have the certificates, etc from the original installation.

That's a good news. There should be a folder with numbers and letter in
its name (which is an internal id for accounts in Ring). In this
folder, there's a file called “export.gz” that is the most important
file of an account and the only one able help you retrieve your

Copy it somewhere else (like your home folder) and delete the whole
~/Library/Application Support/Ring folder. I recommend you to also
delete the ~/Library/Caches/ring folder. You have to do that with Ring
not running.

Then you start it again and it will display the “Welcome to Ring”
screen. Select “Link this device to an account.”, press next and there
should be a button to import a file. Click on it and select the
“export.gz” where you saved it. You then enter the password you chose
at account creation and click on “Link”.

Your account should be back !

If you have any trouble, delete and install Ring again by downloading
it on ring.cx, just to be sure that you have the very last version. As
long as “export.gz” is here and you don't forgot your password, there's
always a way to get an account back.

> Thank you.

Let us know if you managed to get your account back and running.

Anthony L.

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