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Re: [Ring] MacOS Client Account

From: Matthew Wishek
Subject: Re: [Ring] MacOS Client Account
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2017 20:16:59 +0000

That worked, account recovered!

Thank you very much.


> On Nov 7, 2017, at 11:13 AM, Anthony Léonard <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Matthew,
>> I installed Ring for the first time in September on MacOS 10.12. All
>> went well and I was able to establish an account. After the next
>> update became available I could no longer access my account. Since
>> the update (and subsequent) updates were installed when Ring
>> launches, I get a dialog box to “Create a Ring account” or “Link this
>> device to an account.”  Since I created a custom username when I
>> originally signed up, I would prefer not to create a new account.
> I don't understand how that could have happened.
>> How can I get my previous account working with the latest
>> installation?
>> the ~/Library/Application Support/Ring folder is intact and appears
>> to have the certificates, etc from the original installation.
> That's a good news. There should be a folder with numbers and letter in
> its name (which is an internal id for accounts in Ring). In this
> folder, there's a file called “export.gz” that is the most important
> file of an account and the only one able help you retrieve your
> account.
> Copy it somewhere else (like your home folder) and delete the whole
> ~/Library/Application Support/Ring folder. I recommend you to also
> delete the ~/Library/Caches/ring folder. You have to do that with Ring
> not running.
> Then you start it again and it will display the “Welcome to Ring”
> screen. Select “Link this device to an account.”, press next and there
> should be a button to import a file. Click on it and select the
> “export.gz” where you saved it. You then enter the password you chose
> at account creation and click on “Link”.
> Your account should be back !
> If you have any trouble, delete and install Ring again by downloading
> it on ring.cx, just to be sure that you have the very last version. As
> long as “export.gz” is here and you don't forgot your password, there's
> always a way to get an account back.
>> Thank you.
> Let us know if you managed to get your account back and running.
> Anthony L.

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