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[Ring] [Ring Android - 20171020]

From: Marcos Priateli
Subject: [Ring] [Ring Android - 20171020]
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2017 10:14:01 -0300


Just installed ring on my Android TV Sony kdl-50w805c.

The two options for connecting my tv with my existing cellphone app account , both take me to the same option in which I have to input my name again. I think an improvement would be the app simply asking the pin and the password.

The TV app ended up having myself as a contact and calling itself, what makes the app crash.

For cosmetic purposes, the long chair of numbers under the contacts should be suppressed.

Cellphone contacts and their pictures should automatically populate both the tv app and cellphone app, with option to send invites. There is none.

On the TV app there should be an option to switch to other accounts as different home users may wanna use the app on tv.

Work with Sony to bring support to video calling. All Android Sony TVs have USB and Sony has a USB camera with microphone they can use. CMU-BR200 or CMU-BR100.  Please test these cameras and ask Sony support to further software development. 

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