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Re: [Ring] Import an account on Linux

From: Nicolas Jäger
Subject: Re: [Ring] Import an account on Linux
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2017 08:03:47 -0500 (EST)

> For consistency, the original image (i.e. no image set) should be a 
> colored circle background with the first letter of the Ring Account 
> Alias shown in white. For example, an account with alias "Óvári" should 
> show an "Ó", not a "?".

yes, sound like some utf-8 problem...

> Is it be possible to reset an photo i've set once?
> E.g. replace it with the original "?" again ...

not really. The photo is saved in ring.db...

> Ah i thought this is not necessary anymore
> https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/ring/2017-10/msg00034.html
I was answering to the question: "Could i save my data manually somehow?"
moreover, you still need to do so if you want to backup your conversations and 

>> you can do a tarball from your home directory :
>> tar cvf save-my-ring.tar.gz .config/ring/ .local/share/ring/ 
>> .local/share/gnome-ring/
>How do i solve this on Android/Windows/Mac?
I don't know where Android and Mac save their data. For windows it depends wich 
version you are using.

> Please enable export/import buttons in Ring to automatically save/open
> contacts/conversations/etc when doing a fresh install of Ring.

actually, we already talked about it, but I don't know when we will work on it.

n.b.: keep address@hidden in cc.

Nicolas Jäger
(514) 276-5468 Poste 121

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