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Re: [Ring] Contact List

From: Adonay Felipe Nogueira
Subject: Re: [Ring] Contact List
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2017 14:21:58 -0200
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If GNU Ring at least would decide to use debbugs.gnu.org ;)... We could
replace Tuleap with something more integrated with current mailing
lists, and no account would have to be made (it works with emails of
those subscribed to mailing list already).

Also, the documentation on Tuleap Wiki could be integrated into the
existing Git repository and this would allow the end user to have an
offline copy of that in each release (not everyone has stable internet
these days, we must face that). ;)

2017-12-11T18:08:49-0600 Nathan Royce wrote:
> I will not be creating another account just to open an "issue".
> I have a github account and an account for gnu (which encompasses
> multiple projects) and am not keen on creating another account solely
> for ring issues.
> You have the information here in the mailing-list (what is the ML
> for?) and that is good enough for me.
> Feel free to post it on tuleap yourself. You have my permission.
> I will be copying/pasting the part above to the other messages you
> replied to, requesting me to post on tuleap.
> You know, I took a look at skype and how it is handled there and
> realized that even though they also include a contact list (if you
> click on the button), they also do have the conversation history much
> like ring as the default.
> I think it may be alright as it is. A "concern" would have been not
> having spoken to Alice for over a year and our conversation being lost
> in the vast history log and having to scroll through. But then that's
> where the "search" becomes handy... even if I only know part of their
> name.
> And it's not like a new conversation is created in the history
> everytime Alice and Bob talk (flooding the history). So that's good.
> I do wonder about the search though, particularly with regard to
> groups. I can imagine speaking with Alice grouped with a multitude of
> various cohorts (alice and charlie, alice and frank, alice and heidi,
> alice and N, ..., alice and heidi and frank, alice and N and M...,
> ...).
> It could be troublesome to search for Alice or Frank (individually) if
> there are 100+ group instances in the history. I wonder if you can
> search for Alice AND Frank and only get conversations that include
> both names.
> If there was a contact list, I could just click on Alice or Frank and
> then add the other member to the group. Maybe that can/does still
> happen, if I see Alice or Frank by themselves in the search (the
> individual contact should be listed first at the top of the search),
> then add the other member(s) to the group even though the group
> already exists, and that group conversation gets opened and appended
> to.
> I just did a test for a question I was about to ask and it worked out
> well. (was going to ask: what would happen to contact request accepted
> but no chat)
> However I did just run a different test and my expectation did not
> occur. I'll create a new thread for that in a bit.

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