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Re: [Ring] Latest versions of Ring on ring.cx website

From: bill-auger
Subject: Re: [Ring] Latest versions of Ring on ring.cx website
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2018 06:15:18 -0500
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On 01/11/2018 03:48 AM, Óvári wrote:
> ring is already the newest version (20171129.2.cf5bbff~dfsg1-1).

that is the latest deb package - there is a newer version available but
upgrading is not at all necessary unless you have some specific reason
to need the update - if there were a problem with the current packaged
version then it would be updated promptly by the maintainer - in other
words, the fact that it has not been updated this month should indicate
that there is nothing wrong with the current version and that the
changes in the latest version are minimal - if you do need the upgrade
for some reason you could build it yourself from git or send email to
the package maintainer asking for an upgraded package

it is the very reason for using a distro such as debian and getting your
software from it's package manager is that the end-user should not be
concerned with version numbers - the end-user should simply assume that
the stable packaged version is perfectly usable for it's stated purpose
- in most packages, if bugs are found they are typically fixed in the
current version even if no new upstream version is available - for this
reason, version numbers are mostly unimportant

what there should be on the website though is a change-log or release
notes that would indicate if there is anything in the latest version
that would be a necessary or desirable reason to update - the mere fact
that the version number is higher is not, in itself, any reason to
upgrade - without a change-log or release notes there is no definitive
reason for anyone to upgrade

you can get the latest package version number and the email address of
the maintainer in a terminal like:
$ apt show ring-gnome

you can see which stable releases are available here:

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