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Re: [Ring] Recover Ring Account

From: bill-auger
Subject: Re: [Ring] Recover Ring Account
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2018 19:32:50 -0500
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Jorge -

this is how account migration works:

* when you create a ring account you do not need to assign it a nickname
nor password and you do not need a nickname nor password to move the
account to another machine even if you have them
* the very next thing you should do is to "export" (backup) your ring
credentials - i would suggest creating the ring account on a real
computer first to make exporting the backup easier - in either case you
can then migrate your account onto some other machine
* there are two ways to migrate your account onto another machine  - if
you have "exported" a backup in the previous step and you can get that
backup file onto the other machine, you can install ring on the other
machine and "import" the account - if you did not "export" a backup in
the previous step, then you need to have a working ring program that is
using the account - then you follow the steps on this page -->
https://ring.cx/en/tutorials/gnu-linux#RingID - when you do this, the
working ring program will give you a "PIN" number that you enter into
the next machine when it asks for the "PIN"
* if you did not "export" a backup in either of the previous steps and
is also you do not have a working ring program that is using the
account, then that account is gone forever - this is not a short-coming
of ring that may be added someday; it is done purposefully as one of
it's most important security features
* the nickname is a separate issue altogether - if you still know the
user-name and password it may be possible some time in the future to
recover the orphaned nickname but it would need to be assign to a new
account and all of your contacts would need to add you again

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