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Re: [Ring] Android Call StatusBar Exception/MultiDex

From: Pierre Duchemin
Subject: Re: [Ring] Android Call StatusBar Exception/MultiDex
Date: Fri, 4 May 2018 17:38:47 -0400 (EDT)

Thank you Nathan for this report.

This issue is quite common on Android.
It's caused by the library that convert vector pictures to raster in order to 
keep compatibility with api < 21.

However, vectors brings lots of improvements so I'd rather find a vector that 
don't make the lib crash instead of using a png like you did.

Here is a patch for this issue:
The vector drawable is taken from http://materialdesignicons.com/ and look like 
the old one.

Since the emulator is crashing on call and our oldest phones are out of order, 
I was not able to test it.
Can you tell me if it helps?

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De: "Nathan Royce" <address@hidden>
À: "ring" <address@hidden>
Envoyé: Jeudi 3 Mai 2018 19:56:04
Objet: [Ring] Android Call StatusBar Exception/MultiDex

I think I narrowed down the problem to the vectors...

In NotificationServiceImpl.java - showCallNotification(), I had
changed "ic_call_end_white" in addAction to "ring_logo_24dp.png" for
everything (strictly for testing) and ring did NOT crash when
sending/receiving calls.

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