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Re: [Ring] Meeting about"Idea/Question: Refactoring your development"

From: Sebastien Blin
Subject: Re: [Ring] Meeting about"Idea/Question: Refactoring your development"
Date: Fri, 25 May 2018 11:11:40 -0400
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As promised 2 months ago, we are currently changing our tools to facilitate the process for people who want to contribute to the Ring project.
We now have a new Gitlab instance: https://git.ring.cx/. This will be used at first to host mirrors from Gerrit, bug tracking (replacing Tuleap) and hosting the wiki (replacing Tuleap, https://git.ring.cx/savoirfairelinux/ring-project/wikis/home).

What does this mean?
1. You will be able to use our Gitlab instance without creating a new account for Tuleap. There are 3 ways for community members to login on git.ring.cx: using a Gitlab or a Github account, or by registering a new git.ring.cx account.
2. To open a new ticket, you just have to go to the project affected by your problem and open an issue (https://git.ring.cx/savoirfairelinux/ring-client-gnome/issues for example)
3. https://git.ring.cx/search to easily find issues.
1. Old wiki is migrated to https://git.ring.cx/savoirfairelinux/ring-project/wikis/home. But this wiki need a re-organization/cleaning/update. Feel free to contribute
2. All issues/enhancements from the tuleap are present. (Apart the 3 last for now, but I will rerun my script when necessary)
3. Issues need a bit of cleaning. Like `good-first-issue` labels for example.
4. The tuleap will not be used anymore but stay open for now.
5. A news will be published on ring.cx soon enough.

* "When should i register to contribute a few things/fill bugs/request features etc?" => now
* "What is https://git.ring.cx/savoirfairelinux/ring.cx?" => The repo used as a bug tracker for the website
* "Will the OpenDHT project have a mirror here?" => yes, the OpenDHT repo will also be hosted on git.ring.cx soon
* "What's next?" => Cleaning the wiki and the issues. Then migrating from Transifex to Pottle maybe.

Have a nice day!

On 03/01/2018 09:55 AM, Sebastien Bin wrote:

Yesterday, we discussed our different tools and how it can be complicated to start contributing. This was just to open the discussion.

Currently, we mainly use these tools:
1. Tuleap as a wiki and a bug tracker.
2. Transifex for translation
3. Jenkins for the CI
4. Gerrit for code review and patch management. We also have a gitlab mirror and a github mirror.
When someone wants to contribute, they have to submit a patch to gerrit and wait for a reviewer. When the patch is accepted, it's merged into the master branch, and when a new feature is here, we merge the master branch into the production branch.

This process has been working for a long time and is not a hindrance yet, but it's not the best for any volunteer. Indeed, they face some difficulties:
+ Tuleap is difficult to use for anyone not in the Ring team. When you are connected, the bug tracker is really hard to find (search 'Ring' in the search bar, choose the project, go to trackers, then choose between all options). Moreover, we actually don't really uses the roadmap or the milestone system in Tuleap.
+ We also need to use an alternative to Transifex (such as Pootle or Weblate) since a long time and it is in the roadmap.
+ Gerrit is not user friendly at first. And you need a proprietary solution for authentification.

The discussion results in some points:
1. We definitely need a beta and a production branch, not just the production one on all clients.
2. We will not migrate to a closed solution like Github. But, we can switch to Gitlab for the wiki and the bug tracking part. If we do that we will need to host a new Gitlab instance or use another one. We also need a script to migrate issues from Tuleap to Gitlab.
3. We will continue to use Gerrit for the code review (at least for now). The future version will improve a lot of things. And the OAuth provider seems to support Gitlab for authentification (see https://github.com/davido/gerrit-oauth-provider )

Have a nice day,

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