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[Jami] returning user comments

From: Greg Troxel
Subject: [Jami] returning user comments
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2019 13:25:08 -0500
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(I installed ring long ago and tried it out a bit, but never really used

With jami showing up in f-droid, I tried it out and have some
usability/doc comments.

* There is no option to not set up a ring account when starting the app.
  Presumably I should be able to import one from another device,
  somehow.  Or, I might want to be able to configure SIP, but not ring.
  So it seems there should be a "skip" button.  (Yes, I realize I can
  create and delete.)

* There is a notion of an account name and thus presumably some sort of
  global name->pubkey hash.  The user is prompted for this, but no
  guidance is provided (or linked to) about privacy implications of

* The app seems to be configured to use a proxy instead of direct DHT
  access by default.  I couldn't find an explanation on jami.net about
  why that choice was made, or about the privacy issues surrounding DHT

* On jami.net I cannot find a privacy policy about the proxy.  Obviously
  it ought to keep no logs at all, and merely the current session in
  RAM, and not disclose any data to anyone.  But it doesn't say that.

* The FAQ does not explain if the SIP client does ZRTP.

* There are pretty clearly going to be firewall traversal issues.  I
  didn't find anything about that.

* On the site "The Free Software community advises and recommends using
  Jami with GNU/Linux." is a bit much.  No one speaks for the coalition!

* Overall, it seems that there needs to be a user manual.  Perhaps one
  would suffice as the UI for settings is semi-obvious and it's the
  semantics and plan that are not clear.

* is address@hidden the same thing as address@hidden?

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