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Re: [Jami] Retriving key

From: Wilfredo Samyr Rivas-Torres
Subject: Re: [Jami] Retriving key
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2019 22:27:09 -0400
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Not sure if anyone else if anyone else got to your response yet, though
I am as well having problems with ring (or jami as its called now) in
Debian stable using the regular i386 builds which have an similar
problem after the initial setup,

once restarted or exited it refuses to start. Though on recovering your
account try:

- looking at ~/.local/share/ring

- there you should find some folders that have a random string of
characters like ns6gncgvifbd6du5

- In it you should find four files listed as 'contacts export.gz
ring_device.crt ring_device.key'

You only need the export.gz to restore your account as well the password
that you used to create it. I would recommend when you get ring started
back up renaming or moving .local/share/ring to regenerate a clean
directory as this at least for me gets ring back into starting up as
usual into initial setup. See if this helps ya out a little.

- Wil

On 7/4/19 8:10 AM, Dennis Henriquez wrote:
> Hi
> I have installed Jami on my Powerbook A1139 on Debian Sid PPC build using the 
> community port 
> (http://ftp.ports.debian.org/debian-ports/pool-powerpc/main/r/ring/) and for 
> the first time the program started very well and I registered my username and 
> no problems. But since I restarted my machine it say that the deamon "dring" 
> isn't running. More important than make the deamon work it's to recover the 
> files to be able to keep my username since I can't register the same again. 
> I've tried to reach IRC channel but without success. What can be done? Thanks 
> for the help and a excelent program.
> Regards

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