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Jami on limited bandwidth channels?

From: H G
Subject: Jami on limited bandwidth channels?
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 2019 13:01:52 -0500

Are there some configurations or ways to reduce the total amount of traffic on 
channels that are not cellular , wifi or ethernet?  In particular , the common 
UHF channels that are on a 12.5 KHz channel spacing? Different radio modulation 
techniques can be used to get a bit rate as high as possible , but will be much 
slower than the LTE bit rates that use cell phone towers beaming the maximum 
power legally allowed.

Are there some provisions in the software interface to get information from the 
radio on the received signal to noise , received signal strength , received bit 
rate ? This would be a possible improvement to make the software more 
applicable to the limited bit rates achievable on those channels. The logic on 
that software would be similar to what could be found in linux device drivers 
for wifi : the channel condition is taken into account to set the bit rate , 
the transmit power , the channel with the least interference for each 

Thank you


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