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Re: Jami on Raspberry Pi

From: Guillaume Heller
Subject: Re: Jami on Raspberry Pi
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2020 16:11:38 -0400 (EDT)

Hello Paul, 

Jami is compatible with Raspberry Pi and runs on Raspbian . If you want to use 
Jami only as a phone solution, with no video, a Raspberry Pi 3 will be enough. 
Otherwise, for better performance and be able to make video calls, we do 
recommend using a Raspberry Pi 4. 

The package for Raspbian can be downloaded from the following link: [ 
https://dl.jami.net/ring-manual/raspbian_10/jami-all_armhf.deb | 
https://dl.jami.net/ring-manual/raspbian_10/jami-all_armhf.deb ] 
Feel free to test it and come back to us if you need any support. 

Best regards, 

Guillaume Heller 
Product Owner | Montreal, QC 
Savoir-faire Linux 

De: "Paul Cartwright" <address@hidden> 
À: address@hidden 
Envoyé: Dimanche 22 Mars 2020 12:55:28 
Objet: Jami on Raspberry Pi 

Hi Guys, 

Do you have a build of Jami server that can be installed on the 
Raspberry Pi 3 or 4? 


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