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Re: [Jami Android - 20200810-01]

From: Amin Bandali
Subject: Re: [Jami Android - 20200810-01]
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2021 10:11:21 -0500
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Yusuf Kozan writes:

> Hello,
> My cousin and I learned that Jami is free as in freedom and started using it 
> to communicate. I am new to Jami. I use the F-Droid version, but it is out of 
> date.
> How can I update it without using Google Play? Do you have your own F-Droid 
> repository which is not outdated or could you provide your builds as an apk 
> package?
> Yusuf Kozan

Thank you for using Jami!

The Jami package in the official F-Droid repository has finally been
updated to the latest release (version 20201222-01).  That said, even
though Jami is up-to-date on F-Droid again and I'm hoping it will
continue to receive updates as usual, I still plan on setting up our own
repo in case we run into similar prolonged issues with building Jami on
the official F-Droid build servers for their official repo.

Many thanks to the F-Droid developers for giving me access to one of
their community build servers so I could try and debug the build
failures of Jami there.

Amin Bandali
Free Software Consultant
Savoir-faire Linux

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