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Re: [Jami] using legacy accounts on Linux and Android app

From: Sébastien Blin
Subject: Re: [Jami] using legacy accounts on Linux and Android app
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2021 16:52:22 -0500
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Normally updating clients automatically do the migration, but a migration so big (should be like a 2 years migration if it's still ring is not really supported)

But the format for account didn't change, In ~/.local/share/ring you should see some export.gz for each of your old accounts.

You can import it in recent versions via "Import from backup" in the account creation's menu. Just import the export.gz via the File chooser and set the password if there is one.



On 2021-01-31 4:00 p.m., Daniel Pocock wrote:
On one of my Linux systems, I have some legacy accounts under

Can people with legacy accounts like this use them with the latest Jami

Is there a procedure to migrate them?

I created an account some years ago on my Android device

Jami tells me it wants to migrate the account

It is asking for a password but I don't remember creating a password, I
think this account was created before usernames and passwords.

Is there any way for users to recover old accounts like that?



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