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No cross-platform operation

From: Bruce Lilly
Subject: No cross-platform operation
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2021 20:51:20 -0500

I have Jami installed on Android TV (specifically Nvidia Shield TV),
version 20210226-01.  I have set up an account and profile.

I also have jami installed on a couple of Android phones (same version as
above, though it looks very different), and on a laptop computer running MS
Windows (version unknown, other than "Beta").

When I try to link some other device to the account set up on Android TV, I
enter the account password and a PIN is generated.  The instructions say to
use "Link this device to an account".  But the Android phone app has no
such thing that I can find, the closest being "Connect from another device"
under "Add Jami account".  That pops up "adding account", then "Please
wait", and after a few seconds "Can't find account".

On the MS Windows version, there is something almost (but not quite) what
is described; "LINK THIS DEVICE TO AN EXISTING ACCOUNT" (the differences
being the screaming all caps and the additional word "existing").  Entering
the password and PIN and "Link device"
yields "Generating account" (not "adding" as in the Android phone app),
followed by "Error while creating your account. Check your credentials.",
which also differs from the Android phone app message.

The Android phone app created an unnamed account with a ridiculously long
hexadecimal "identity"; I can connect to the Android TV app from it, but
that's unsatisfactory; what I want is one properly-named account (as set up
on the Android TV app) used across all of my devices.

Aside from the fact that it seems impossible to link devices, the
inconsistent messages and user interfaces are confusing.  The Android TV
version doesn't even appear to have any way to import/add/link an account
set up elsewhere, nor are there any advanced settings or any way to view
account details, backup the account, etc..

Best regards

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