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In regards to Jami on Debian desktop

From: rffnck
Subject: In regards to Jami on Debian desktop
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2021 06:21:43 +0000


I just installed Debian Jami version 10, on Devuan Bullseye which is version 11

Although I'm running Devuan Bullseye which is Debian 11, for some reason when I go to install the Jami Debian package for Bullseye (Debian 11) I get many
messages about needing a newer version then the one installed

Installing Jami version for Debian 10 all I had to do was install all the missing
packages, but no complaints about any of them needing a newer version

Just figure I'd mention the above details about the Jami Debian Installation
packages for anyone interested

Now I have a few problems with the Jami desktop environment itself that I'd like
to bring to your attention

The first is with the user interface being larger then my display. I'm using an old laptop with a 1280x800 screen, and the Settings for Jami span much further then the display can output, and there is no scroll feature to scroll down to the rest of the settings. This is mainly only an issue on the settings screen, but it also will fail to display information on the main screen, such as the devices I have
registered with the user account, I can only see one of them

Second problem, which I cannot figure out, the USB webcam shows up for an audio device in Jami but I don't get audio capture from the USB webcam. I can
only get input to work with the motherboards built in capture

I tested out the webcam with the 'arecord' command, and can confirm that it does work

My main audio on my motherboard is Card 0, and the USB webcam is Card 1

I can confirm that it is switching the card in the dring.yml file in ~/.config/jami/

Under 'alsa:' in dring.yml, as I'm using ALSA, the value for 'cardIn:' goes from 0 to 1 when I select the USB webcam input or the motherboards input, so this should
be working

It shows in the terminal I launched Jami from;

capture using format {s16, 2 channels, 48000Hz}

Settings look correct as I use

arecord --device=hw:1,0 -f S16_LE output.wav

And can record audio from my webcam

So I know it's working, but for some reason the webcam audio is not working
in Jami


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