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Re: [Jami Android - 20210924-01]

From: riveravaldez
Subject: Re: [Jami Android - 20210924-01]
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2021 00:26:20 -0300

On 11/11/21, MAX <maksimvlasov084@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello, I am a user of the jami program. I like the openness and
> decentralization of the messaging system.

Hi, another user here!

>  I want to suggest that you add a feature to delete messages on the owner's
> side.

This you can already do by posing the cursor on the three points that appear
when you hover a message and clicking on it: the it offers the option to delete
the message.

> This can be implemented as follows: when deleting messages on your
> device, the jami client sends a message deletion request to the
> interlocutor's jami client, the interlocutor's client executes the request
> and the messages with this user are deleted.

This requires that the interlocutor accepts the deletion, so, not much different
than simply asking him/her to do it...

>  I think that such an improvement will significantly increase the
> confidentiality of the messages sent.

The confidentiality should be guaranteed by the end-to-end encryption, and
other things like the non-central archive, etc. Not sure this would add some
improvement in the area.

Best regards!

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