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Design meeting July 19

From: ana
Subject: Design meeting July 19
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2021 14:25:54 +0000

Hey everyone,

We just had our meeting with Libor.

Here's a summary of what we discussed:

- We've remade the website in Pelican (after realising the limitations of 
Doxygen) and it's getting into shape. We have good experience with Pelican so 
we can move fast and make changes much quicker. Translation workflows are 
straightforward and it also takes care of RSS feeds for the project blog. See 
the development version of the site here: 
- We're now in the process of filling in content, but you can see the WebGL and 
Coding style pages for an example of a wrapper page (auto generated from the 
source code comments) and a regular markdown page.
- Now that the infrastructure is in better shape and we have things under 
control (no more Doxygen unknown-unknowns), we'll start implementing the 
graphic identity on the site.
- Along with that, we'll also implement content translation, and finally create 
proper documentation so that you can read how to navigate the Pelican-based 
- Libor mentioned it would be useful to reach a conclusion on the extension 
name so we can also take a decision on the domain name to host the project; 
there's still some work involved in setting everything for the new name/domain 
and we shouldn't leave it for the final sprint
- Holidays: both us and Libor will be away for the next meeting - 2nd of August 
- so the next design meeting would be on the **16th of August**. Libor please 
correct us if we confused the dates!

All the best,

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